This is a blog about history, poetry and historical fiction… mainly, but not exclusively, related to the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries,particularly, but not exclusively, in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland; also, Game of Thrones.

My sympathies, which I don’t try to hide, are generally with Catholics, the northern English (especially Northumbrians), Stewarts, Cavaliers and the Irish, but I like to think I’m fair-minded towards other players in the tumults of the 16th and 17th centuries. My instincts are generally small c conservative and traditionalist, or reactionary and nostalgic, if you like.

I have not a single formal qualification in history, thinking of myself as a passionate amateur, sometimes daring to call myself an autodidact. In literature, I have a degree, but I nowadays I have little time or patience for the fashionable critical theories (which are often really political theories) that seemed to dominate thinking when I was at uni back in the late nineties. When it comes to historical fiction, I like stuff that is well-written, reasonably authentic and not too slanted… I’m also trying to write some. I have set up this blog to promote a book I am writing, which I hope to publish in the coming year. More on that nearer the time.

I used to keep a blog solely about poetry, which I will occasionally repost blogs from. You can read that here, if you want.

Comments are always welcome, especially polite ones.

My tweets, which concern nothing more than promoting this blog and my other writings, can be found here.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. First, congratulations on the birth of your daughter….I wish you all the blessings and wonders that come with that. Then, I am happy to see you have a new lease on blogging and that you are writing a book; I suspect good things are to come of it. Finally, I’m glad you will blog some poetry on your old site, since I am pretty much limiting my online reading these days to sites that feature poetry or (non photo) art. In sum, good luck with it all. I’m glad you’re back!

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    1. Hi Cynthia. It is good to hear from you. Thanks for the good wishes, especially to my daughter but also for the new blog. I think this is the first time we have spoken this year, so, belatedly, happy new year – I hope you have a good one – I am sure you will keep adding more great poems to your oeuvre.

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